Building materials and services purchased or sold by Richard Cocke VI, John H. Cocke I’s executor, perhaps related to construction and repairs at Mount Pleasant

(Surry County Will Book 1 [1792–1804]:379–415)

Debits in 1791:

 May 26

Jemm and Johnston for 468 [of] 8 inch planks


May 30

Michael Smith for plank, viz.

193 feet [of] 1 ? inches thick

201 feet [of] 1 inch

191 feet [of] ? inch


November 2

Cash paid Samuel Ellis for 6 hogsheads Shells


November 9

Cash paid to William Roe for Plank


December 2

Cash paid Joseph Thorp for work done on a barn and for plank


Debits in 1792:

 May 16

To Michael Smith for 240 feet plank


August 11

Cash paid the well digger for bricking up the well in part


Debits in 1793:

 January 2

To cash for a bucket to the well


January 20

Cash paid William Bennett bricklaying in half


June 14

Paid John Mallicote his account

Paid ditto for making a door

Cash paid William Bennett for work done to this date


December 22

William Roe for 400 feet [of] inch plank

Cash to Mr. Gilbert for work done by Isaac on a house in the yard

[payment for 6 days work]


Debits in 1794:

 January 4

Paid Thomas Holt carpenter for 16 days work

January 14

Paid William Glover for building two chimneys and underpinning porch


January 17

William Rae for plank, bar’l of lime


February 13

John Mallicote for carpenters work done pr. account

John Mallicote for sundries, viz.

10 panes of glass

32 feet plank

100 feet ditto

Paid Thomas Hamilton for bricking a well


February 16

Paid William Browne for Jimboy’s work done on the stable

Debits in 1795: none pertaining to construction/repair


Credits for building materials in 1795:

 April 5

10 panes glass sold Mrs. Ann Cocke


Debits in 1796:

 February 3

Paid William Urquhart for 300 apple trees

Paid ditto for 100 c nails


August 1

To Ben E. Browne for sawing 888 feet scantling and getting stocks

Paid Sawyers for sawing and other tasks 200 feet


November 23

Paid Thomas Scammel for a well rope


November 29

Paid Captain B. A. Cocke for work done by his man Peter, 12 days

Paid Michael Jackson for digging and bricking well


Debits in 1797:

 May 19

Paid for nails to shingle barn


May 25

Paid J. Souer for making cover to well


September 5

Paid Tom for making brick at 3/ pr. thousand … 1.17.6

[therefore, Tom made 12,500 bricks]


Debits in 1798 through 1801:

 none attributable to construction or repair



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